Bier of the Month Club

The Bier Cellar Bier of the Month club makes a great gift, whether that gift is for yourself is up to you. The goal of the Beer of the Month Club is to give members access to some hard to find beers, as well as some seasonal beers that we think are classics.  With each package we will also include tasting notes and information about each beer. Each subscription is put together the first Sunday of the month and are available for pick up the next day (and Tuesday for Gorham pickups).

We offer two levels, a “Session” level and an “Imperial” level.  The Imperial level includes all the beers in the Session level, plus a few more goodies for hard core beer geek.  The Session level is typically 6 smaller bottles (12oz or 330ml) plus a large format bottle (22oz or 750ml).  The Imperial level typically adds on a couple of large format bottles.

We have posted a sample package from December 2012, just to give you an idea of what beers we put together to make up our packages. Pricing is as follows, with discounts for signing up for multiple months ahead of time. All packages must be prepaid:

Session Level
1 month – $34.99/month (+ tax)
3 months – $32.49/month (+ tax)
6 months – $29.99/month (+ tax)

Imperial Level
1 month – $54.99/month (+ tax)
3 months – $52.49/month (+ tax)
6 months – $49.99/month (+ tax)


You can now join the Bier of the Month Club online.  Membership can be purchased at:


Please email, call or stop by if you are interested in participating.  As the months go on, we will strive to challenge, fascinate and above all, satiate your desire for interesting and delicious beers. 

December 2012 Beer of the Month Club Package

Session Level

De La Senne Schieven IPA- This beer is a collaboration between Belgian masters De La Senne as well as legendary breweries Pizza Port and Lost Abbey.  Belgian aromas, great citrusy American hop aromas.  Delicious, balanced.

Dupont Avec Les Bons Voeux – Holiday saison by the brewers of the classic Saison Dupont.  One of my favorite holiday beers, and one of my favorite saisons period.  Funky, spicy, highly carbonated.  Who needs champagne in the holiday season when you can roll in with a bottle of this delicious farmhouse beer.

Freigeist Ottekolong Kolsch – Sometimes you need a break from all of those dark, syrupy holiday beers.  The solution, a delicious and refreshing German Kolsch from Freigeist.  Unfiltered, with the classic Kolsch grassy hop character, grainy maltiness and a touch of fruitiness.  Supremely drinkable and delicious.

Adnams Tally-Ho – Remember before when we were talking about sweet holiday beers?  This English barleywine/winter warmer has a great rummy, caramel malt note.  Smooth, toasty, creamy and delicious.  Great beer to sample in front of the fire around the holidays.

Dieu Du Ciel Rosee D’hibiscus – Another beer meant to balance out that holiday heaviness.  Brewed with a significant amount of wheat, as well as Hibiscus flowers, this release from Montreal brewery Dieu Du Ciel has an amazing floral/fruity aroma,but finishes bone dry and refreshing.  Complex and delicious.

Sierra Nevada Celebration – One of the reasons beer geeks get happy when the weather turns cold.  Dry hopped to give the beer a delicious spiciness that just makes sense this time of year.  A hop heads Xmas beer, absolutely delicious and balanced.

Anchor Christmas Ale – In its 38th year, Anchor Christmas Ale is brewed with a different recipe every year.  Malty, spicy and floral, you can’t help but think of holiday spices while drinking this American craft beer classic.

Imperial Level

You get all of the “Session” level beers, plus:

To Ol Snowball Saison – From Danish brewer To Ol, this holiday saison is meant to counteract the heavy foods of the season.  Fermented with wild yeasts and dry hopped, this saison is crisp and bone dry.  Delicious and hard to find, this beer is delicious and worth the effort.

Amager Hr Frederiksen – Also hailing from Denmark, Hr Frederiksen is an Imperial Stout that is not to be trifled with.  Intense notes of roasted barley that comes across as espresso, big bursts of chocolate and vanilla.  Thick, dark and delicious.  This beer will definitely help you get through family get togethers.  Absolutely delicious.