Equilibrium Brewing Pop Up Can Sale May 23 2019, 0 Comments

We will have a full email going out Friday night with the full details on the Equilibrium Brewing Pop Up Event going on on Saturday when we open both stores.  This is a cool opportunity to try some beers that usually involve a long drive and a long wait in line.  These guys are getting some incredible attention and hype recently, a brewery started in 2016, founded by two MIT graduates and professional scientists (you will see that theme in their beer names).  Recently on a list of the 19 most hyped breweries in the country alongside names like Trillium, Treehouse, Other Half and The Veil.  This will be a one time event we are told, we will have six beers for sale when we open in Portland at 10am on Saturday, and 11am in Gorham on Saturday.  We are the only shop in the State of Maine hosting an event, and I believe the first in New England.  The crew from the brewery will be coming through the Portland spot (at least until they head out to their event at Novare Res later in the day) to say hi.  

We won't have limits to start the day at open, if cans are evaporating at a crazy rate we may impost limits as the day goes on.  The following beers will be available, we won't be doing holds before the event or selling singles on the day of the event.  Any left over beer on Monday will go out in an email for holds.  We just want to make sure we have some beer for people making the effort to come by on Saturday.

Equilbrium/Evil Twin Blueberry Boy Triple IPA: A blueberry beer brewed with Evil Twin for Blaeber Day, and even Evil Twin holds in conjunction with Cantillon every year.
Experimentum Double IPA
Imperium Double IPA
Mmm...osa Pale Ale
Particle Physics Pale Ale
Photon Pale Ale