BCU: Bier Cellar University October 20 2016, 8 Comments

The last ten years I have spent obsessing about beer.  Homebrewing it, drinking it, analyzing it, talking about it, reading about it, living it.  Four years ago we opened Bier Cellar, and our mission was to share all that info with you, our friends and customers.  We attempt to impart some of what we learn through our email blasts, shelf talkers and most of all, in store interactions.  But we have decided to formalize that learning for those of you who want to dive a bit deeper in to the world of barley, hops, yeast and water.

What we are proposing is informal classes, with a small group, where we talk about, taste and analyze a topic with a group of like minded people.  Some of the topics can be pretty advanced and hardcore, different brettanomyces strains and their impact or tasting off flavors, but we also would like to hit on some more basic topics, such as country/style topics, to lay the groundwork for advancing your knowledge in the hobby.  

Here's what we need from you.  We have some topics in mind, but would love to hear from you on some topics you might be interested in.  We would love to build this to the point of bringing in guests to talk about topics, but we need your help.  So in the comments, or by email, let us know what class you would be interested in attending.

Thanks and we hope to see you at school.