Best Sellers of 2016 January 11 2017, 1 Comment

As 2017 begins we wanted to take a look back at the year of 2016.  A fun way to capture an entire year at a retail store is to take a look back at the top sellers.  This was a year of canned beers, beers with tons of hops specifically.  It was a tighter race this year for best sellers, with more beers packed together and without a dominant winner.  Without further ado, here are our 2016 top sellers:

1. Rising Tide Maine Island Trail Ale

2. Liquid Riot Headstash IPA

3. Bissell Brothers The Substance

4. Foundation Epiphany

5. Foundation Afterglow

6. Banded Horn Daikaiju

7. Bunker Brewing Cypher

8. Lord Hobo Boom Sauce

9. SoMe Apostrophe

10. Liquid Riot Kash Money IPA

There is only one beer on this list made outside of the State of Maine, Lord Hobo Boom Sauce, produced only a couple hours away in Massachusetts.  In case you think that is a fluke, the next 17, yes 17, beers were made in Maine.  (Reminds me of a review we got once where a guy said we didn't focus enough on local ;))  Only one beer in our top 50 sellers is made outside of New England, and that is Hoof Hearted, who get's an honorary New England badge for how fresh their beer is shipped, arrives and is sold.

So there you go, another year in the books.  Turns our you guys like hoppy beers in cans, who knew?