2018 Year in Review & Top 10 Best Sellers January 09 2019, 0 Comments

2018 was a crazy and exciting year at Bier Cellar as we continued to grow by adding a second location in Gorham, Bier Cellar West.  The support we have gotten from the community both at the new location and at the original has been humbling.  We were honored by each of you that walked through our doors and allowed us to share some time with you this year.  

2018 also saw us get honored by Hop Culture Magazine as one of the Top 10 Bottle Shops In The United States, which was a testament to how hard our staff works to keep their knowledge at the top of their game.  Just stocking great products isn't enough, you have to know about those products to really be able to help your customers.  

We were told that we were crazy in 2012 to open by only selling craft beer and wine, we were told you have to stock Macro lagers from Bud, Miller and Coors and cheap wine, cigarettes and lottery tickets to make it.  Well, we haven't crossed any finish lines by a long shot, but almost 7 years in you guys have said you want a place that respects the beer and wine being made by the best producers in the world and eschewing all of the distractions.

One thing we like to do is take a look and share with you guys the best sellers each year.  We do this by dollar value, not by quantity.  We combine cans and kegs together for each beer, so some of the top 10 were carried largely by keg sales.  But without further ado, here are Bier Cellar's combined top 10 sellers for 2018:

1. Battery Steele Flume

2. Bissell Brothers The Substance

3. Foundation Epiphany

4. Maine Beer Lunch

5. Austin Street Patina Pale

6. Mast Landing/Bier Cellar Shorts Weather

7. Goodfire Prime

8. Lawson's Sip of Sunshine IPA

9. Mast Landing DDH Tell Tale

10. Definitive Ale

So there you have it, the beers you bought the most of at Bier Cellar in 2018.  Thanks for all of your support and we hope to get to see you in 2019.