Bier Cellar: Gorham March 30 2018, 2 Comments

Today we have some exciting news for you.  Bier Cellar has signed a lease to open a second location in Gorham, Maine at 593 Main Street.  We are incredibly excited to bring our love of beer, wine, cider and mead to the rapidly growing community of Gorham.  We have spent the better part of six years growing relationships with breweries, distributors, wineries and cider makers and we can't wait to help share all of the fruits of those relationships with another city.  

I was born and raised in Buxton, growing up one town over from Gorham.  Having seen the growth of this community and purchased a house in Gorham ourselves in 2013, we've been waiting for the right opportunity to bring Bier Cellar to the town where we now live.

We will spend the next couple of months building out the new location right on Route 25, located near Lone Pine's new space as well as the beautiful new Sebago Brewing complex and right down the road from Mast Landing in Westbrook.  We want to be a part of making Gorham a craft beer mecca just like we have watched the City Of Portland became one of the best craft beer destinations in the United States since we opened in 2012.

Things won't change at the Portland store, we are lucky to have the most knowledgeable and helpful staff around, the same staff that made Men's Journal name Bier Cellar one of the best 50 beer stores in the country, and they will continue to make Bier Cellar what it has been for the past almost 6 years.  We have spend the last month hunting down some great talent on both the bier and wine side of our world, and we think they will only further the Bier Cellar tradition of great staff.

We opened Bier Cellar in 2012 as the first Craft Beer focused store in the Portland area.  You have supported us through almost six years of living our dream.  We can't wait to make so many more customers and friends as we expand and keep serving our existing customers and friends for years to come.