Year Recap and Top Sellers of 2021 January 26 2022, 0 Comments

 Another pandemic year has come and gone, and we are still here happily providing your favorite craft drinks. 2021 has been all about adapting to challenges, and Bier Cellar underwent our biggest change yet as we enter the new year, rounding into our 10th year in business…


New Year, New Owners!

The start of December Bier Cellar owner and local legend, Greg Norton, stepped away, selling the company to two of his entrepreneurial employees, Justin and Don. The legacy that Bier Cellar holds is monumental, Don and Justin couldn't be happier to carry on Greg’s original dream born in the Summer of 2012. We look forward to meeting you all, long time customers and new. Please feel free to stop by either store, Portland or Gorham, and pull us aside for a chat!

All things considered, we are striving to plan a community celebration of Bier Cellar’s 10th Anniversary. A lot of factors are going into these decisions, and we truly want to be able to celebrate with the community. Currently, our ideas for the celebration are to host an event in June full of tastings, giveaways, special bottle releases, and possibly even catering or food trucks. We'll keep you all updated as things start to come together in the coming months. 

Thank you all for your continued support, especially during these difficult pandemic times, we wouldn't be around if it wasn't for all of you! 

-Justin and Don


Now onto the top 10 best sellers of 2021! We had some usual top finishers, with a couple surprises this year. We saw a brand new Portland brewery sneak into the top 10, narrowly beating the juggernaut that is Allagash White. Another list mainstay was dropped out, while the top 3 remained the same from 2020.

Here's the top 10 of 2021:

  1. Bissell Substance
  2. Battery Steele Flume
  3. Bissell Reciprocal 
  4. Maine Beer Company Lunch
  5. Battery Steele Flume Squared
  6. Orono Tubular
  7. Austin Street Patina
  8. Goodfire Prime
  9. Bissell Baby Genius 
  10. Belleflower Scrugsy


And Previous year's lists to compare:


1. Bissell Brothers The Substance
2. Battery Steele Flume
3. Bissell Brothers Reciprocal
4. Orono Tubular
5. Foundation Epiphany
6. Austin Street Patina Pale
7. Maine Beer Company Lunch
8. Battery Steele Flume Squared
9. Goodfire Prime 
10. Burlington Beer It's Complicated Being A Wizard



1. Bissell Brothers The Substance
2. Battery Steele Flume
3. Foundation Epiphany
4. Austin Street Patina Pale
5. Orono Tubular
6. 3 Fonteinen Cuvee Armand & Gaston
7. Lone Pine Oh J
8. Allagash White
9. 3 Fonteinen Oude Geuze
10. Definitive Ale



1. Battery Steele Flume
2. Bissell Brothers The Substance
3. Foundation Epiphany
4. Maine Beer Lunch
5. Austin Street Patina Pale
6. Mast Landing/Bier Cellar Shorts Weather
7. Goodfire Prime
8. Lawson's Sip of Sunshine IPA
9. Mast Landing DDH Tell Tale
10. Definitive Ale


1. Lawson's Sip of Sunshine
2. Battery Steele Flume
3. Foundation Epiphany
4. Bissell Brothers The Substance 
5. Rising Tide MITA
6. Liquid Riot A Beer Has No Name
7. Foundation Afterglow
8. Mast Landing Dash IPA
9. Mast Landing DDH Tell Tale Pale
10. Austin Street Patina Pale Ale