New Rewards Program June 23 2016, 0 Comments

Update: A few people have asked if balances for members reset to zero.  Yes they do, unfortunately it is not possible to import any balances to the new program, but any coupon codes earned in the past few months are valid and we will issue June coupons as soon as the month ends.

Following our switch over to our new Point of Sale system in March 2016, we were forced to change our loyalty/rewards program.  We looked long and hard for a solution that rewarded our customers for their repeat business in a way that was meaningful and convenient.  Finally, we have found our solution.  By partnering with Sweet Tooth Rewards, we will be able to reward not only purchases in store and online, but also through your interaction with our social media, through telling friends about Bier Cellar and several other ways.  We have a step by step below to walk you through either adding the loyalty program on to your existing account, or creating a new one.   Even if you are an existing customer, or are/were a member of our email list, you must signup for the new program to gain/use points.   

Points can be redeemed in the following ways:

  • 100 Points for a 5% off coupon
  • 500 Points for a 10% off coupon

You can earn points in the following ways:

  • 100 Points For Creating Rewards Program Account
  • 1 Point For Every Dollar Spent
  • 100 Points For Referring A Friend
  • 200 Points On Your Birthday
  • 50 Points For Liking/Following Our Facebook/Instragram/Twitter Account

So now that we covered what the account entails, here is how to get started:

 Go to, click on the Rewards Program Tab.  This will be where you will control your rewards program account from:

 A small screen will appear, where you can either log in to your existing account if you have one, or create a new account:

Once you either log in to your existing account or setup a new one, you should be brought to the following screen showing your rewards balance, as well as giving you the opportunity to redeem any earned points.  On a separate tab, where it says "Earn Points", you can find out how to earn additional points.:

If you wish to redeem your rewards in store, we will do that at check out.  If you wish to redeem the points on our online store, simply click on the "Redeem" button next to the reward you wish to redeem.  You will be given a coupon code to use at checkout for  your discount.  The same code will be emailed to you:

We hope you enjoy the new loyalty program, and we again thank you for your patience while we transitioned.