Top Sellers 2015 January 02 2016, 0 Comments

2015 was a great year at Bier Cellar.  We experienced double digit growth this year, meaning more of you out there are digging what we are doing and we thank you for allowing us to do what we love for a living.  December was our busiest month on record, with back to back weeks breaking our busiest week record.  We owe a great 2015 to our customers, and I have to thank our staff as well for working hard this year to try to make everyone who walks through our door a happy customer.

Before we get to the top ten best sellers this year I want to thank the people who make and deliver the beer, because without them we would all go thirsty.  The beer scene in Maine received lots of national attention this year, and for good reason.  Our brewers are among the best in the country and world.  It is a great time to be a beer lover in Maine.

The story of 2015 at Bier Cellar had two major themes.  The first is that as far as producers go, sales greatly diversified this year.  Although our top seller remained the same this year, the gap's between each top beer narrowed considerably.  Last year Bissell Brothers Substance sold four times as much as the second place beer, Rising Tide MITA.  This year, 1 and 2 remained the same, but the gap has narrowed to a very slight amount.  

The second major theme was IPA's once again dominating sales, especially IPA's in cans.  8 of the top 10 beers were IPAs in cans and all of the top 10 beers could be considered IPAs of some sort.  But without further ado, here are our top sellers of 2015.  The previous rank is listed in parentheses beside the current rank.  New beers that weren't on the list are abbreviated (NB):

1 (1).  Bissell Brothers Substance

2 (2). Rising Tide Maine Island Trail Ale

3 (NB). Foundation Epiphany

4 (NB). Lord Hobo Boom Sauce

5 (NB). Ballast Point Sculpin

6 (NB). Bissell Brothers Swish

7 (NB). Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin

8 (NB). Banded Horn Veridian

9 (6). Maine Beer Company Lunch

10 (12). Bissell Brothers Bucolia