Spring Happenings February 25 2015, 0 Comments

I criminally underpost to our blog, and it is not for lack of topics as those who know me know I am a very opinionated and loud person.  But it is something we will work on.

Despite what it looks like outside, Spring actually will be coming, and with that comes some of our favorite beer of the year.  Bocks from Germany will start hitting the shelves and Pretty Things Fluffy White Rabbits will make an appearance.  We decided Spring was a great time for an update to our logo and to most of our branding.  When we first opened, we had a logo designed using the website 99 Designs.  Not an ideal method, but when you are opening on a budget, we decided to put our money in to our inventory and store, rather than the logo.  But coming up on our 3 year anniversary this Summer, we decided it was time to change.  We put out a call to local designers, and got some incredibly cool responses.  We ended up choosing to work with a great local designer, Trey Allen, who has given us some great looks that we have used on hats, hoodies and wall vinyls for in the store also produced by local companies.  We made sure to keep our dollars local as we all know how important that is to the diversity and economy of the Portland area.  Below is one look on the new logo:

This logo will compliment the logo that is on our sign at the shop, and is meant as a shorthand that we have used on our hats and hoodies.  The chalice has always been the most important part of any logo we have used, for many reasons.  Working on our chalice as part of The Uprising at Novare Res taught us a lot about styles of beer, about world class producers and by watching Shahin and staff at Novare, about how to educate customers without being stuffy and snobby.  The chalice is also a great commonality amongst the world class fermented beverages we sell, beer, wine, cider and mead.  All are drank from a cup, and we love the idea that no matter what you are in to we can all share a glass of whatever that may be.  

We are also kicking the tires on our third anniversary beer with Austin Street Brewery.  They killed it last year with Bier 2 Cellar, so we are incredibly excited to get to work on Bier 3 Cellar.  Think brett, citrus and deliciousness.  Hopefully will be ready for our third anniversary in June.

Just a heads up, tomorrow night, Thursday, we will be hosting a cider tasting.  Before you shut your brain off, these aren't the sicky sweet ciders being cranked out by massive American producers.  Three of the four are from the Basque region of Spain, fermented with indigenous apples and wild yeast, so they are dry and pretty damn funky.  The fourth is from a traditional cider producer in Vermont, Eden.  For fans of funky beers and ciders, this is a can't miss.  Totally free, from 5:30-7:30pm.