Hoof Hearted Q&A October 17 2015, 0 Comments

On Thursday, 10/22 from 5:30-7:30pm, we will host a tasting/launch of Hoof Hearted Brewing from the Columbus, Ohio area.  Because the guys can't make the tasting (don't worry, they will be here for an event at Nosh in early November), we wanted to ask them a few questions to introduce them to the Portland area.  

As you quickly get the idea from their brewery name, their label art and their general ethos, these guys clearly take their beer seriously, but not themselves.  

This will be the first time cans have been available outside of the Ohio area.  The beer we will be selling will be Roller Blabe Double IPA, which has been getting ridiculous buzz online.  Thanks to Trevor at Hoof Hearted for taking the time to answer a few questions:

With your beer being so highly regarded (great ratings and reviews) and only available in Ohio, why are you sending us beer here in the backwoods State of Maine?  Do you have a thing for moose or lobsters? We purchased our brewhouse & fermenters from Tigpro in Portland. Last Dec. we came up to check out their progress and had an insanely great time annihilating Poutine & Oxbow FPA at Nosh, hanging with the Bissell Brothers, & eating pizza in a greenhouse at Funky Bow. So basically we were looking for any excuse to come back to eat killer food & party.

Lazy question: how did you guys decide to enter the beer business?  What's your backgroud? We had all been traveling a lot and drinking killer beer everywhere else except for Columbus where there had been the same 3 breweries for the last 20 years. We knew we had to make a vow of dankness. Flash Forward there are now a shit load of breweries here. I (Trevor Williams) was a wine sales rep for a wine distributor in Columbus and I have two partners Jarrod Bichon is welding engineer/automation specialist and Ryan Bichon was a Web Developer.

Tell us about Roller Blabe and what you would like people to know about it as they crush the cans this week. Roller Blabe DIPA is a ripe ol' juice bomb. Lot's of layers of "froo-tay" hops from the US & New Zealand that really meld with the expressively fruit forward yeast we're using. But I'll defer to our official tasting notes. "Slurp up the neon! One sniff and you'll be painted in animal print spandex and sporting a side pony tail and that's just the guys. Ready yourself for the taste of your fanny pack being sucked into the tape deck".
Finally, you guys are hitting up Portland for Portland Beer Week in early November with an event at Nosh.  Having been in Portland before, anything on your to do list?  Yes, we hit Nosh 3 times in 2.5 days last visit, looking forward to eating there again. We'd like to check out Slab too. Really want to hit the Oxbow Tasting Room in Portland, and visiting the Bissell Brothers again is a must hopefully smuggle some Swish cans back to Ohio. Tandem Coffee is on the list and also some place called the Bier Cellar!.