Wine Boxes for Bier Geeks (and Wine Geeks) July 27 2016, 0 Comments

I came to love wine from the beer side.  Walking in to a wine store was overwhelming, styles and varietals and wildly different price points.  It was like being a novice beer drinker and walking in to a shop like ours and trying to figure out how a Gose is different than a Geuze.  Walking in to a wine store and trying to understand how a red Burgundy differed from a California Zinfandel, what is a Sancerre and why is Champagne so expensive?  

But slowly, by opening lots and lots of bottles of wine, we became comfortable buying wine for ourselves.  Then we opened Bier Cellar, and became comfortable buying and recommending wine for others.  Now we want to pass on what we have learned and start offering boxes of some of our favorite wines at a big discount to you.

We have put together two different offerings, the 4 for $45 box and the 6 for $80 box.  These are boxes of some of our favorite wines, complete with tasting notes at a 10% discount off the shelf price.  They are meant to be grab and go boxes, you simply pick one up, take it home and start enjoying wine.  We have taken away the pressure of picking good wines and have done that work for you.  

The 4 for $45 box is very seasonal, and will shift often with the seasons.  For example, right now in the Summer, it is filled with white wine and rose, perfect for hot weather.  The 6 for $80 box has a bit more of a variety, with a couple red wines tossed in for either more substantial food pairing (like barbeque) or for the cooler nights.  Both prices include tax and deposit, that is your price out the door.

This is our attempt to make wine buying have less pressure, and give you some cost savings while we are at it.  We have selected our best quality to price ratio wines that work with the season and are drinking great right now.  There are links to both of the packages below, or stop by with any questions:

Six for $80

Four for $45