Bier Cellar 2016 July 14 2016, 0 Comments

What we are good at: 

  • Selling ridiculously good beer to people
  • High fives

What we are bad at:

  • Updating our blog
  • Pretending bad beer is good beer

So, as I write this, Bier Cellar is four years old.  Four years of bier, and my has the world changed.  When we opened in 2012, there were no canned craft beers available outside of Baxter.  Now, who doesn't can?  If you don't can, you don't sell beer pretty much.  Beers with the word sour and wild in the description were a rarity, now it is rare to see a week that doesn't see new sours and wild ales in the market.

It's been a crazy year this last year.  It was incredibly fun/rewarding to cap it off with the third beer in our anniversary beer series.  The first two were done with Austin Street, who this year expanded, along with lots of other breweries in Maine.  This year's anniversary beer, Tropical Storm, was done with our friends at Liquid Riot.  Liquid Riot is, in my humble opinion, the most underrated brewery in our State of Maine.  Tropical Storm was a kettle soured wheat beer brewed with mango, guava and passionfruit.  Sadly, but not unexpectedly, that beer disappeared quickly, with us selling our 50 cases in under a week.  Hopefully we can talk them in to a second batch :)

We just unrolled our new loyalty program, which has replaced our old email list loyalty program.  It follows the same formula, spend 100 dollars, get a  5% off coupon.  But now you can get points for things like social media follows, birthdays, and for just signing up.  You can join the email list at, you can join the loyalty program by just clicking on "Rewards Program" at the bottom of our homepage.

We have brought on new staff and said goodbye to some familiar faces, as is the way with retail.  We thank all of our former employees for the way they have uniquely shaped Bier Cellar, and we are super excited to see what the new employees will bring to the shop.  

We had a new record sales year in year 4, and we thank you for that.  We thank you for the positive outpouring of love when we were attacked by a social media wielding douchebag who hides behind a keyboard, and his boss who decided that was how he wanted to compete with the rest of us in the Portland beer scene.  I honestly believe the public can sniff out authenticity and true love for the scene, and those who see good beer as a quick buck.  

We are always open to feedback to what we are doing right and what we could do better as a beer and wine store.  We so appreciate when customers reach out to us personally and engage in a conversation.  Send me an email at greg at, I always love to chat.