Some Weeks July 19 2016, 0 Comments

One of the core tenants of Bier Cellar is to carry beer as fresh as possible.  Now, sometimes we are constrained by wanting to carry a beer that comes from far away, and obviously it takes some time to get that beer to Maine.  Let's be honest, Maine is the center of our universe, but not the center of THE universe.  We have to make some concessions to have beer from other places.

That being said, we try our hardest to carry little to no back stock.  Our backroom is barren compared to other beer stores.  It would be heretical at your average big box liquor store to run out of products, but we would rather run out with lean inventory, then have old beer sitting in our back room.  Doing things this way puts us at the mercy of our distributors and breweries to keep the supply chain filled.  Some weeks that doesn't happen, and things can get a little lean.  Then there are weeks like this week.  I sat down and was planning out the week and was blown away with what will be coming in.  

Yesterday, Monday, we got the first batch of Long Trail Space Juice we have seen in awhile.  If you haven't had this beer before it is a juicy, piney Double IPA that was canned less than a week ago.  

Now today, the onslaught continues with drops from Bissell Brothers of The Substance, which will last it's normal five minutes on the floor (just kidding, a couple hours), as well as resupply of Allagash's James Bean, a limited run of Curieux brewed with coffee.

Wednesday will see drops from Oxbow (Saison dell'Aragosta, their Saison collaboration with Italian brewery Del Ducato that features lobster and got huge press when it was released the first time).  Wednesday will also see drops from Foundation (Zuurzing and Afterglow) and Marshall Wharf (Cant Dog).  We will also see a Shelton Brothers delivery Wednesday, with beers from De La Senne, Anchorage, Trou du Diable, Lervig, Siren/Cigar City and more.

Finally, Thursday we will see the first monster drops of cans off Liquid Riots new 30 barrel fermenters.  Hopefully Headstash and Primus for weekend crushing.

Now, all of these deliveries are contingent on canning lines, trucks, how the wind blows, so are subject to change.  But weeks like this are like an avalanche of good beer, so get while the getting is good and fresh and we will do our best to make sure it stays that way.

Happy Summer.