St Georgenbrau Kellerbier

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Our first crack at a beer that famed beer write Michael Jackson called a "world classic".  Here's how the brewery describes their beer: "Nothing has changed since 1624. Around 1624 brewmasters boiled the original wort with an especially large amount of hops over an open fire. After cooling down, the wort flowed into the wooden fermentation vessels where bottom-fermenting yeast was added. After primary fermentation, Keller Bier was then taken to cellars carved deeply into the Bavarian rocks outside the village of Buttenheim using their natural coldness to mature Keller Bier. It then lagered in solid oak barrels "ungespundet" (unbunged) to let the carbon dioxide that develops during this maturation process escape."  A beautiful lager that gives a glimpse in to beer's past.  

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