Nogne O Dark Horizon 5th Edition

$ 37.99

The first time we have seen a Nogne O Dark Horizon since we got the 4th edition in 2013.  In many ways the signature beer for Norway's Nogne O, certainly their best known and best rated beer.  Currently posting a 100/100 on Ratebeer, the previous editions were some of the highest rated and most sought after stouts around.  This year they have moved the beer to a bigget bottle, a 500ml bottle.   This beer would age wonderfully well clocking in at 16% abv.  Made with green coffee beans and Muscovado sugars, with big notes of burnt sugar, espresso, figs and dark chocolate.  Insanely complex and well built, the 4th edition was one of my favorite stouts I've ever drank.  These are 500ml bottles and retail for $37.99.  These would make a great holiday gift for yourself, or someone else you really want to treat.

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