Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin Brut BA Dry Hopped

$ 24.99

A new, and special edition of what is easily one of my favorite beers on this here Earth. The traditional version of Nelson Sauvin Brut from Mikkeller is a Belgian Golden Ale aged in oak barrels with Nelson Sauvin hops and brettanomyces. This new edition ups the ante, aging the base beer in Chardonnay barrels and adding a round of dry hopping. The extra dry hopping helps crank up the citrus and tropical fruit note interplay between the Nelson Sauvin hops, the wine barrel and the brettanomyces. Bottled to a Brut level of carbonation, this beer makes for an incredible Champagne replacement, or just for a lively, fruity, bone dry and delicious beer.

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