Mast Landing/Bier Cellar Shorts Weather IPA

$ 5.62

We are super excited to announce the release Friday of our collaboration beer we brewed with Mast Landing, Shorts Weather IPA.  We brewed this a couple weeks ago to celebrate our 6th anniversary at the Portland store and the opening of our Gorham store.  We are happy that is is ready just in time for Shorts Weather.  This is an IPA brewed with peaches, apricots and lactose.  The peaches and apricot bring a stone fruit to the party to play well with the citrusy hops, and the lactose helps give this beer a creamy body and a touch of sweet to help balance out all the hops.  

We will have these fresh off the canning line on Friday afternoon.  We are sending this out in an early week email to get an idea of holds and logistics.  We want our email list to have first crack at prebuying and reserving cans.  For Friday we will be the only place you can get your hands on cans.  On Saturday, Mast Landing will have cans for sale.  Between Bier Cellar and Mast Landing, those are the only options to get your hands on cans of this tasty treat.  

These run $17.99 for a four packs of 16oz cans, same price at Bier Cellar as at the brewery.  They will arrive Friday and holds will be ready to go around 1pm.  When placing your hold, please specify whether you would like to pick them up at Bier Cellar Portland, or Bier Cellar Gorham.  

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