Mast Landing/Barreled Souls Payment Plan

$ 4.99

This is a fascinating beer, it is a 7.2% IPA that is fermented with Kveik yeast, which is a family of yeasts that are tearing up the craft beer world right now.  Mast Landing has agreat in depth discussion about the yeast on their website if you want to nerd out, but here is the description of the beer itself: "For Payment Plan, we started with a simple grain bill of 2-Row, flaked wheat, flaked oats, and a touch of caravienne to provide mouthfeel, head retention, and a little bit of color, while allowing the yeast and hops to really shine. For hops, we used Topaz and Motu (not Motueka) in the boil and these two hops plus Amarillo in the dry hop. The Topaz provides a resinous, lightly tropical character, while the Amarillo and Motu provide beautiful notes of mango, passion fruit, and stone fruit. The resulting beer has huge notes of mango, pineapple, orange zest, pith, and pleasant notes of “rustic farmhouse” character."  

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