Liquid Riot All Is Illusion

$ 5.30

A new canned Double IPA from Liquid Riot hits Thursday after being canned Wednesday. Brewed with Mosaic and Citra lupulin powder for a softer, smooth hop profile. Here's a good synopsis of why lots of brewers love working with lupulin powder either in place of hop pellets of in conjunction with: "Cradle a fresh hop flower in your palms and gently rub them together, separating the green leaves from the fine yellow powder inside. That soft stuff is called “lupulin,” and it contains all of the resin compounds and essential oils responsible for imparting hop flavor and aroma to beer. Lupulin powder, also referred to as dust, is thus a purified concentration of those compounds and oils. By removing the leafy plant material, brewers can dose large quantities of hops to achieve intense hop flavor and aroma without introducing the undesired astringent or vegetal flavors. It also increases yield, as traditional pellets and whole-leaf hops act like sponges, green matter soaking up precious beer."

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