Liquid Riot LRV 3 YR Blend Methode Traditionelle White Label Blend

$ 17.99

Before their 10th Anniversary, the crew from Liquid Riot flew to Brussels, Belgium and spent a full brew day with the crew from Cantillon.  2 weeks later in Portland they brewed a turbid mashed wort that is traditional for Belgian Lambic and spontaneously fermented the beer in their coolship.  They have brewed the same beer each year.  Finally last year they blended the beer which then aged the bottles until now.

Last week I got to sit down with Eric Michaud, founder of Novare Res and Liquid Riot, and sample the fruits of his labor.  It is beautiful.  I have no problem saying this Method Traditionelle (a name used since Lambic and Gueuze are considered protected words to only be used by Belgian producers) is the best American take on the style I have ever had, and can stand amongst the best we get from Belgium itself.  Beautiful full carbonation as is traditional and a soft acidity to the sourness, not aggressive like a lot of American takes.  It is round, with beautiful citrus notes and a minerality and acidity that just makes the beer sing.  

We are honored to get to carry this beer, and to be one of the only places outside of their establishments that will get bottles.  If you consider yourself a fan of Gueuze, this is a beer to run, not walk to get.  I will be stashing some bottles in my own cellar to enjoy for years to come.  

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