Liquid Riot 1911 Brut IPA

$ 4.37

Tomorrow from Liquid Riot we get our first straight up Brut IPA, a style that is absolutely tearing up the West Coast at the moment.  To make a Brut IPA, during fermentation an enzyme is added that allows some of the sugars that would typically go undigested by the yeast to be eaten and converted to alcohol.  What that leaves behind is a bone dry (no sweetness) IPA with higher than average carbonation, almost a Champagne level carbonation.  The first time you try a Brut IPA is an experience, very different than a hazy New England style IPA that typically contains lots of protein and or yeast haze.  We sampled the 1911 today, and it is incredibly crisp, bone dry, with a huge citrus fruit aroma.  These go down incredibly easily, as the body trends towards the light side.

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