Lagunitas Born Again Yesterday

$ 9.99

A brand new beer from Lagunitas, sort of.  Last fall we got our first drop of Born Yesterday Pale Ale, which was wet hopped, a process that can only be done during harvest time.  Lagunitas decided they wanted to have that flavor year round, so they went to work on developing a process (sometimes being a big brewery is helpful).  Here's their description: "This new proprietary process involves a lot of time and money, and even more thinking about hops and freshness in new ways. From all of this, we found a brand-spankin’-new way to preserve the hops, fresh from the Yakima Valley trellises, first born during harvest season into the Born Yesterday last fall, and reborn into this scary new next step, the Born Again Yesterday Pale Ale, six months later, to the beer in your hands today."  They used the same base recipe as the Born Yesterday, which was an amazing beer, and there you have Born Again Yesterday.

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