Jack's Abby Eis Maker

$ 10.99

The first Lager Wine we have ever seen in Maine, think barleywine but lagered.  We have never gotten the base Eis Maker, but tomorrow we do get the Bourbon Barrel Aged Version.   Eis is the German word for Ice. A former distillation process in making Eis Beer would be to freeze it, remove the ice, and collect what remained.  While today’s beer, like Eis Maker, is no longer produced this way, it is used as a connotation that the beer is very strong.  Expect this Eis Bock to be sweet, malty and boozy with notes of raisin, dark fruit and similar profile of a barley wine. Lengthy aging in bourbon barrels used for their Barrel Aged Framinghammer allows the 13% ABV beer to mellow and develop a deep molasses-like sweetness with port-like dark fruit  flavors.

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