Goose Island Gillian

$ 28.99

One of Goose Island's vaunted "Sisters" series of wild ales and sours. One that hasn't been to Maine before, until now. Here is the writeup when Men's Journal named it one of the World's Best Sour Beer & Wild Ales: "Gillian is extremely delicate with a light puckering sourness that dances with the strawberries fruit and wisps of honey in the nose and flavor. There's a deep bretty funk that runs underneath it all and the light touch of pepper comes into play at the finish to help dry it out.". A Saison aged in wine barrels with the addition of strawberries, honey and white pepper. Allowed to ferment with the organisms on the skin of the strawberries, as well as those living in the barrel. At bottling, brettanomyces brux is introduced as well as champagne yeast, to introduce a funky bottle conditioning character.

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