Fore River/Empyreal The Wilcox

$ 5.94

This beer was brewed in collaboration with Empyreal Coffee and Vacationland Distributors to pay tribute to Corey Wilcox, a member of the Vacationland and Maine Craft Beer community who passed away this past summer.  All proceeds to go Corey's family.

The Wilcox is a 9% abv Imperial Coffee Stout brewed with Empyreal cold brew coffee.   Crafted as an homage to the popular Vietnamese style iced coffee. Distinguishable by its dark roast and silky smooth sweetness, this style translated over perfectly to a coffee stout.  With notes of vanilla and roasted malt, and perfectly balanced by the rich and subtle bitterness of Empyreal's dark roast coffee, The Wilcox is the perfect blend of sweet and creamy, and bold and tangy.

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