Equilibrium dHop24

$ 6.88

From the brewery: "Next up in our experimental series that investigates a new hop product to help our production. Flaked oats and wheat give way to a creamy base for the Sabro and BRU-1 whirlpool before dry-hopping it with Citra, Enigma, and BRU-1. dHop 24 pours a bright yellow and has aromas of fruit cocktail, pineapple, lime, honey dew melon, and earth. The flavor is a medley of citrus, pineapple, berries, and a touch of pinot gris. A concoction of luscious fruit awaits before a metamorphosis of escalating juice forward flavors building up into our rainbow melon #EQjuice thing just prior to a pointed but balanced bitter finish."

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