De Ranke Simplex

$ 4.49

Tomorrow we get a new beer from De Ranke, makers of XX Bitter, Kriek De Ranke and plenty more amazing and complex Belgian beers.  Only 72 cases of Simplex made it to America, and we were lucky enough to snag a couple.  Described as XX Bitter's little brother, here is the description from De Ranke: "Despite Simplex being an ale, it has all the characteristics of an old-styled pils. It is a blond, unfiltered, unpasteurized, hoppy and bitter beer that remains low in alcohol. Resulting in a straw blonde, highly drinkable beer with plenty of flavor and character."  The perfect example of what a generation of breweries like De La Sense and De Ranke have been trying to prove, that Belgium isn't just the land of malty, boozy Trappist beers, it is also the land of bone dry, hoppy and sessionable beers that pair beautifully with food.

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