Chimay Doree

$ 10.99

Tomorrow we get the first new beers we have seen from Chimay since opening.  A legendary Trappist brewery founded in 1862 and run by Cistercian monks.  We have carried Chimay's core beers every day since we opened our doors in 2012.  Tomorrow is the first round of new beers we have seen in that time.  The first one, Doree, isn't really new to the brewery.  The Chimay Dorée was for long reserved for the monks and their guests. This is the first release outside Belgium and certainly the first release to Maine. The beer is a Trappist Single or Table Beer.  This is a light, fresh beer with a nice mix of spice and yeasty quality.  In many ways, this is a nice cross between a Belgian wit and a Trappist beer.  It’s flavorful and refreshing with good character at 4.8% abv.

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