Cask Force Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

$ 19.99

Artist Series Bissell Brothers Angels With Filthy Souls- A brief finish in Bissell Brothers porter barrels gives this variant a unique nuttiness and soft, rounded mouthfeel. The barrel originally held bourbon, then was used for maple syrup, then AWFS then finally this maple syrup was aged in the barrels.

Artist Series Bourbon Barrel Aged Batch One- 100% robust grade VT syrup-Rich crème brulee and molasses complimented by 14 weeks in bourbon barrels makes it super robust and bold. We bottled it slightly hotter than most syrups resulting in a thicker finished product that coats the palate.

 Artist Series Bourbon and Rye Barrel Aged Batch One-  100% robust grade VT syrup- More creamy vanilla notes than bold molasses.14 weeks in both bourbon and rye barrels leads the palate to pick up bolder flavors associated with rye and cinnamon.

 Artist Series Single Malt Barrel Aged Batch One- 60% Robust 40% Delicate grade VT syrup- Notes of melted vanilla bean ice cream and butterscotch. A brief 4 ½ week finish in the single malt barrel adds a subtle snicker doodle cookie spice.

Kasai "The Fire" Spicy Barrel AgedBriefly aged in bourbon barrels and then steeped with a secret blend of ghost chili flake. Decandent maple tones up front with manageable delayed heat.

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