Brasserie Dunham Petite Mort

$ 19.99

We've been big fans of the beers coming out of Quebec's Brasserie Dunham since we tried their blended gem Assemblage Number 1 back in 2014.  We carry everything we can get from them and were super excited to grab bottles of their barrel aged Imperial Stout.  Petite Mort is aged in barrels of Armagnac (60%), Cognac (30%) and Brandy (10%). A rich and sweet stout with intense caramelized notes, licorice, with hints of anise, peat and Armagnac.  The taste is a mix of sweet chocolate, coffee, caramel, and brandy, set against a backdrop of peaty touches, to make a truly excellent, intense and complex gem of an Imperial Stout.  This beer is currently posting a 99/100 on Ratebeer, and we were the only shop in the State of Maine to snag bottles.

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