Boon VAT Discovery Box

$ 60.00

The box contains four Oude Geuze Boon 'VAT' beers, each matured in its own particular oak barrel at the Boon Brewery reserve. In the cellars of Boon Brewery today, there are 158 giant oak barrels known as "foeders", each containing up to 27,000 liters of lambic beer.  For the first time, four different VAT Geuzes are brought onto the market together at the same time in the 'Geuze Discovery Box.' In this convenient box, you'll find Oude Geuze Boon VAT 91, VAT 92, VAT 108 and VAT 110. These are 37.5 cl bottles. The ability to taste four different VAT numbers at the same time is really a fascinating experience. The Geuze Discovery Box also comes with a booklet which contains more information about the Geuze production process and the various foeders.  Would make a great gift for a sour beer lover in your live, even if that is you.  These retail for $60 and we have six to sell.

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