Boon Oude Geuze Vat 108

$ 18.99

In the cellars of Boon Brewery today, there are 158 giant oak barrels known as "foeders", each containing up to 27,000 liters of lambic beer.  Typically Boon Geuze is made up of a blend of different vintages of Lambic aged in various barrels.  The Vat series instead packages several vintages of beer from the same barrel.  Vat 108 is one of the most celebrated of the Vats, winning various awards and ranked as one of the best Geuzes in the world on Ratebeer.  Here's the description from the brewery: "The very wine-like accents in this Traditional Oude Geuze are combined with a distinctive 'old beer' character, which gives it a full-bodied and robust flavour, with an unmistable hints of volatile acidity that never overwhelm the senses. Cask no. 108, dating from 1935, came to us from a different brewery, whose beers contained some volatile acidity. The foeder now adds a bit of character to all our geuse blends".

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