Anchorage Darkest Hour Whiskey Barrel

$ 29.99

Another rare Anchorage bottles hitting the store tomorrow.  We have received bottles of Darkest Hour before, but always aged in Pinot Noir barrels, which gave the beer an almost sour vinousness, but a beautiful stout.  This year they have decided to put out two variants.  One is aged in Brandy barrels, the other in Glenmorangie Whiskey barrels.  The base beer is fermented with an ale yeast this year, rather than the Belgian yeast used in past batches.  Both variants are putting up perfect 100 scores on RateBeer.  

The Glenmorangie Whiskey version has a nose of chocolate, dark fruit, whiskey barrel.  Viscous, very rich, and fruity, full of dark fruit, prunes, chocolate, and some whiskey barrel. 

The Brandy barrel version has an aroma of rich malt, molasses and dark chocolate. Taste is molasses, vanilla, dried cherry, coffee, chocolate. Palate is rich and smooth.

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