Against The Grain / Springdale Any IPA

$ 4.37

This is a fun one.  Hear me out, Against the Grain and Jack's Abby/Springdale brewed a New England style IPA, then ran it through a charcoal filter to create a "clear IPA.  Here's how they describe it: "We brewed this beer to create the antithesis of the hazy IPA trend – an IPA that pours nearly as clear as water. No murky glasses of beer that resemble orange juice found here. Why not, right? After all, Crystal Pepsi is a real thing. This clear IPA features "any" hops, "any" grain and all the love and hugs. 6.5% It is also, of course, a cheeky and irreverent commentary on our subculture's social media driven obsession with beer appearance."  The beer is a total mindf$%k, lots of lemony, citrusy hop aroma but in a nearly clear beer.  Lots of flavor, but again, totally clear.  A fun experiment that reminds us at the end of the day that beer is supposed to be fun.

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