Frederiksdal Kirsebaervin Rancio

$ 39.99

Frederiksdal cherries are considered some of the best in the world, grown in eastern Denmark where the North Sea meets the Baltic Sea.  The Frederiksdal Estate has stood since 1305 and their orchards of Danish Stevnsbær are famous for the quality of their cherries.  The owners of the Frederiksdal Estate have created world famous cherry wine, which is nearly impossible to categorize, living somewhere between a Port, a red wine and a cherry wine.  They say themselves: "You have to forget about both grape wine and cherry wine and let yourself be surprised".  Shelton Brothers, the best beer importer in the United States, typically does not handle wine, but when they said they tried these wines, they knew they had to bring them in to the US.  The first up, the Rancio is best described by the winery:

"‘Rancio’ is the Catalan word for ‘rancid’ and refers to this wine’s production method. After fermentation the wine is decanted into small, 25-litre carboys, and left outside in the sun for a year. This practice has been used in Madeira, Porto, Banyuls and Maury for hundreds of years. The extremes of the Lolland climate (sunshine and rain, cold and warmth) produce a unique flavour profile, with notes of orange zest, figs and nuts. The wine is then stored for another year in used, 450-litre, Cognac barrels, which rounds out the palette with notes of caramel. 


Our Rancio has been made to go with chocolate, nuts, figs and prunes, blue cheese and other robust cheeses, or roasts, foie gras terrines and ordinary poultry liver dishes, preferably accompanied by sweetish side dishes. It can also match hearty hare or venison dishes. You can enjoy it on its own, too, and savour its many different nuances. Rancio is a great experience in itself. It will evolve beautifully if you leave it to age for many years."

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