Sasanoa Brewing Saison Vol. 2 Hop Barn

$ 12.99

A slightly tweaked take on the Vol. 1 that blew us all away at the shop.  The beer pours with a huge head, tons of lively carbonation that usually is a tell tale sign of proper attenuation.  A beautiful rustic farmhouse nose, more of honey and grain than of the tell tale funk of Brett.  Flavors of honey, flowers, noble hops, citrus fruits.  Dry, but not quite the bone dry attenuation of a Blaugies or Dupont fermentation, but some of the closest I have had in a local Saison without the use of wild yeast.  The Vol. 2 adds a higher hopping level from estate grown organic Cascade hops, which add a touch of grapefruit and a drier finish.

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