Allagash Ghoulship

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Hitting retail for the first time ever, Allagash Ghoulship is a legend.  Here's the description from Allagash on how the best pumpkin beer on Earth is made with fresh, local pumpkins, molasses, and raw pumpkin seeds: "On All Hallows’ Eve itself, we send the beer to rest among the specters in our Coolship, where it collects wild microflora from the chill Maine air. The beer then ferments in a stainless tank on our house yeast before heading into oak barrels, where it sits in waiting for up to three years.  Although Ghoulschip isn’t spontaneously fermented, we rely on natural microflora to sour it. The finished product is a blend of one-, two-, and three-year-old beer. In the first sip, caramelized malt and a mild acidity balance Ghoulschip’s subtle earthiness."

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